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So I figured out how to post on this blog, using my own name and profile.  If you look at the bottom of this post it says…written by Lauren Demby! YAY! Anyway, I have done a bit of cooking as of late, and have even had a guest over to eat some of the food! My good friend and roommate from my senior year at Pitt, stopped by for some tasty treats! We cooked a delicious meal together, which was very similar to my recipe from Dinner (DAY 1: Vegan, Wheat-Free Diet).

We made a sauce to go over some whole wheat pasta, which consisted of:

– Butter Beans
– Tomato
– Spinach
– Zucchini
– Onion
– Garlic
– Heart of Palm
– Mushroom
– Salt + Pepper

As seen in the picture below, we ladled the sauce over some whole wheat pasta, and added a sprinkle of cheese on top. Now I know what you are thinking. Shame on me for eating wheat and dairy.  However, the amount of pasta that I ate in proportion to the veggies I slathered on top, was very minimal.  I felt alright after eating the pasta, and I barely added any cheese.  I was just craving some cheese, and I wasn’t going to deny myself any.  I was alright after dinner, my stomach wasn’t to upset with me, however, I also watched how much of the cheese I used, which was super hard, because it tasted so good!!

Ahra enjoying our tasty meal!

My mother and I have also been on this Indian food kick lately.  I have been craving the stuff ever since we made the Thai Chickpeas a little while ago. Indian food is so tasty and has a ton of flavor.  Instead of the chickpeas we made several dishes which included, potatoes, cauliflower, and bok choy.

The ingredients in the potatoes:

– Red Potato
– Olive Oil
– Ginger
– Ground Cumin
– Whole Cumin Seeds
– Cayenne Pepper
– Coriander
– Black Pepper

This recipe is a variation of the original from Madhur Jaffrey’s book Simple Indian Cookery.

The ingredients in the cauliflower:

– Cauliflower
– Whole Cumin Seeds
– Yellow Mustard Seeds
– Garlic
– Ginger
– Salt
– Pepper
– Gram Marsala

This recipe is a variation of the original from Madhur Jaffrey’s book Quick and Easy Indian Cooking.

The ingredients in the bok choy:

– Bok Choy
– Olive Oil
– Sesame Seed Oil
– Sesame Seeds
– White Onion
– Red Pepper

We also recently celebrated my Dad’s Birthday! Happy Birthday Daddy! For a healthy alternative to birthday cake, my Mom made some yummy date treats, which we topped with the chocolate version of my favorite coconut ice cream!

Ingredients in the Date Treats:

– Raisins
– Walnuts
– Carob

Until the next blog fully of yummy and healthy foods…

Happy Eating!

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