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Today I had a good life lesson.  There is a company that I order products from for my business.  For many years, I have done business with them.  Last week I placed an order and I spoke with someone from their business about the order.  I was specific in what I wanted.  Initially, the end result did not happen that way.

After doing all the research and speaking with different people from the business and from the shipping company, I called them again today.  The person on the phone that I spoke with then relayed my story to the supervisor.  She got back on the phone, shared with me what the decision was and I was still not satisfied with the results.  I asked if I could speak with the supervisor.  The supervisor and I spoke for awhile and the final results was something I was satisfied with.

What I realized is that NO ONE can tell your story like you can.  When I took the time and spoke with others about what I needed and what had occurred, then I was able to get what I wanted.  When someone else tried to tell my story the results were not the same.  That is because when someone else tells your story it gets complicated. They are relaying a message from their interpretation and from their issues with the situation.  It is not your personal story as you would have shared it.

That is why it is not good to talk about someone else because the information you are relaying is inaccurate.  Be careful in gossiping, talking about someone else or relaying their story.  The other issue is the “Law of Reflection”.  What you see in others could be a reflection of what is in yourself.   Yes, people do not like to hear that one.  It is true.  This is difficult, but that is one of the ways for us to see the truth about ourselves.

Think about that with the news.  When they talk about other people, this person doing that or said that.  How do they know?  Are they that person?  Where they there?  Did they hear it?  By the time the story gets told, there are so many changes made of what the original story started out as.

The best way to hear the story is from the person who was there and experienced it themselves.  If there were many people involved you will hear different stories, based on each persons experiences and issues.  It is better for people to share about their own feelings, what they saw, or experienced.  Not to try and share what others saw or experienced because the information can be inaccurate.

We can only share what we have experienced and felt.

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