Guns? Is this the issue or is there a bigger issue that we are not seeing?

Guns?  Is this the issue or is there a bigger issue that we are not seeing?  For several months I have been volunteering my time to deal with an issue in our neighborhood of cars speeding in our residential community which also has an elementary school.  For many years people in the neighborhood have been complaining about this situation.  A calming road study was done by the city and cars were driving at 75mph in the school zone area during school hours when the speed limit is 15mph.  Why hasn’t something been done about this sooner?  Why did the paperwork sit on someone’s desk for over a year without being looked at?  Why are people breaking the laws by speeding when the speed limit is 25mph in a residential neighborhood and cars are continually going between 50-75mpg?  Not only is this dangerous to individuals who live in this community but it is also dangerous for children walking to and from school.  Reports have been made on a continual basis, police are ticketing these cars as they are able to yet it does not stop the issue from occurring. There are many car accidents in this area.  There has also been several times when cars have hit the telephone poles, knocked them completely out of the ground, broke them in half leaving wires hanging all over the street, on yards and on peoples homes.  Power was lost to many homes in the area from this occurring.  What is the city waiting for?  All of these situations are not good.  Are they waiting for something even worse to happen before they make some changes?  My question is, is it the guns?  Or is this an example of what has been happening in our own lives.  People not following through, being overwhelmed with having too many things to do and not enough time or assistance to do the things that are important.  Laws being broke because people do not care and they do not realize that in some way they will have recourse at least from the spiritual world for what they are doing.  We need to slow down and pay attention to the details and messages that we are being given.

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