Green salad, carrot salad, mushrooms

Organic beets. Organic basmati white rice, water, himalayan sea salt. Carrot salad: organic carrots, organic avocado, organic tomato, organic cucumber, organic celery, organic toasted sesame seeds, organic Braggs, organic season rice vinegar, organic sugar, salt, wakame, organic toasted sesame oil. Organic cauliflower. Organic collard greens, organic kale, organic sunflower and pea sprotus, Organic mxed greens, organic hunza raisins, organic sprouted beans: organic mung beans, organic green lentils, organic red lentils, organic green peas, organic adzuki beans, organic pacific asian dressing from Glaser Organic Farms. Organic avocado, organic cayenne pepper. Organic mushrooms, organic olive oil, organic herbs de provence, himalayan sea salt.

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