DAY 9: Vegan, Wheat-Free Diet

DAY 9:

Hello all! Thanks for following me thus far, and putting up with the few days I did not blog due to the holidays.  

I know that I had mentioned in my first blog that I thought I had limited options when it came to sweet breakfast foods like cereal, pancakes, etc.  However, I have found some awesome alternatives to my regular routine by substituting things in like oatmeal and fruit.  When I thought about not eating cereal for two whole weeks, I started to freak out a little because I love to eat it in the morning, and sometimes as a snack.  But, I can’t believe that I forgot there are cereals that are made out of oats, rice, and other grains that have no wheat. Duh! I could have had a V-8.  Anyway, as you can guess, I did in fact have cereal for breakfast, rice cereal, which is also Kosher for Passover, depending on what customs you follow.  
Breakfast included:

1. Erewhon Organic Rice Cereal
2. Rasberries
3. Almond Milk
I love almond milk, and have grown accustom to eating it in my cereal instead of using regular milk. My stomach also appreciates it.

Basically I have found that my diet as a vegan consists of a lot of beans and rice.  Which is fine, because I am getting my carbs and protein in along with the veggies I am eating.  So, as you probably have guessed, I had beans for lunch.  Lentils to be exact, and they were super yummy.
Lunch consisted of:

1. Lemon Lentils
2. White Rice
Ingredients in the Lentils:

– Green Lentils
– Lemon Juice
– Slices Lemon
– Garlic
– Mustard Seeds
– Red Chili Pepper
– Cilantro 
– Salt
I know what you are thinking, white rice? Yes, between brown and white rice its not the healthier choice.  However, we had some left over from the weekend and I wanted to use it up before making more of the good stuff.

For dinner I had veggie lasagna with brown rice noodles, and orange-apple tzimis.  The lasagna had no cheese, and it didn’t need it! It was super tasty and had a ton of flavor from all of the veggies, that there was no need for cheese.  The orange-apple tzimis was such a hit at our Passover Seder (as it is every year), that we decided to make some more of it. 
Dinner consisted of:

1. Veggie Lasagna
2. Orange-Apple Tzimis
Ingredients in the Veggie Lasagna:

– Brown Rice Lasagna
– Roma Tomatoes
– Tomato Sauce
– Spinach
– Carrots
– Zucchini
– Red Pepper
– Cashews
– Sweet Potato 
– Onion
– Salt + Pepper
Ingredients in the Orange-Apple Tzimis:

– Carrots
– Apples
– Orange Marmalade
– Honey
– Margarine 
– Grated Peel and Juice of one Orange
– Cinnamon
– Salt

Side note; I know that honey isn’t considered vegan, but I am ok with eating it.  Also, the lasagna had a hard time holding itself together without the cheese, but trust me, it still tasted fantastic! 

FYI many of these recipes are in Yonah’s Mini Holistic Recipe Book available at http://store.yonah.info/recipes 

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