DAY 4-8: Vegan, Wheat-Free Diet (PASSOVER)

DAY 4 – 8:

The amount of cooking, eating, and shmoozing that I have done over the last few days has put me into a  vacation coma and every day has been blurred into the next.  It has been great spending time with family and friends, and my diet was put on the sidelines during the holiday. Now I am back to the grind, and continuing on my vegan diet as planned. I did not have time to take pictures or to record everything I ate over the weekend, so I took advantage of the situation and gave myself a little vacation from the inter web.  
I was very careful not to eat dairy and piled on the portions of fruits and veggies when ever I had the chance.  I feel like the week leading up to Passover gave me time to prep for the mass amounts of food that I would encounter during the holiday.  My stomach seemed to have shrunk from the way that I had been eating the week earlier, so I did not over eat, and I was very aware of the foods that I did choose to eat.  It made the eating experiences that I had pleasant, and I didn’t feel sick to my stomach from over stuffing myself on heavy foods.  I would say it was a successful Passover.
I will be posting Day 9 today as well, which will then put me up to date on blog entires. Thanks for following the blog and bearing with me during the mini holiday break! 
Happy Eating! 

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