DAY 11: Vegan, Wheat-Free Diet

DAY 11:

It is getting pretty close to my goal of twelve days on a vegan and wheat-free diet.  Since the few days in the middle were somewhat skipped over due to the holidays, I have decided to add a few extra days onto the diet.  I have actually come to the realization that once I started this diet, almost two weeks ago, I not only feel a lot healthier, but I also feel a lot better.  I am not bloated all the time from the dairy and wheat I was eating, and I have lost a few pounds in this whole process.  I will admit, it was a struggle at first, but I had gotten used to eating this way now, and I really do like it.  I probably won’t be hungry for a huge bowl of raw kale anytime soon, and the raw thing is definitely not me.  However, taking the time to make good food for myself, instead of just throwing some cheese on bread, not only gives me the feeling of accomplishment, but I also don’t feel guilty about what I ate afterwards.


For breakfast I had my leftover miso soup, along with a banana.  It was super easy since I made a lot of the soup yesterday so I could have it for leftovers.  No cooking involved!

1. Miso Soup (Refer to picture from DAY 10: Lunch)
2. Banana


For lunch I had some home made Indian food.  It was a mixture of Thai flavors and Indian seasoning. I also had another Almande Almond Milk cup; I really do love that stuff!

Lunch consisted of:

1. Thai Chickpeas
2.  Almande Cultured Almond Milk – Blueberry flavored (Refer to picture from DAY 3: Lunch)

Ingredients in the Thai Chickpeas:

– Chickpeas
– Coconut Milk
– Sweet Potato
– Garlic
– Cilantro
– Plum Tomato
– Curry Powder

* This recipe is a variation of its original from “Great Vegetarian Cooking Under Pressure,” by Lorna J. Sass.


Since my family was going to Shabbat dinner over at a family-friends house, I decided to eat a little snack, since I knew I wouldn’t be eating dinner until later that evening. I also ate some Matzah – gasp! – However, it was spelt matzah and it was not made out of wheat. I found a loop hole! I have been trying to avoid matzah anyway throughout passover, only eating what was necessary at the Seders.  But, I was eating some hummus, and that stuff really should be eaten with some sort of cracker. Come on! So, I gave in and had some spelt matzah, and I figured, Passover is almost over anyway, so I would make one last ode to matzah before next year. 

Snack consisted of:

1. Bok Choy w/ Sesame Seeds
2. Hummus w/ Matzah

Ingredients in the Bok Choy:

– Bok Choy
– Sesame Seed Oil
– Sesame Seeds
– Olive Oil
– Chili Pepper
– Salt

Ingredients in the Hummus:

– Garbanzo Beans
– Garlic
– Cilantro
– Tahini
– Cayenne Pepper
– Lemon Juice
– Scallions
– Salt

My mom has several variations of the Hummus, so this one has slightly different ingredients then the one we made on DAY 1: Dinner.


For dinner, my family and I went to a family friends home for Shabbat dinner. There was plenty of salads and veggies at dinner and almost everything I ate, from what I could tell, was vegan.   I was so full from the meal and everything was super delicious.

Until next time!
Happy Eating!

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