DAY 10: Vegan, Wheat-Free Diet

DAY 10

Keeping track of what you eat and making an effort to choose healthy foods, that can be more time consuming to make, is a lot of work.  So I have started to rely on left overs, instead of making a fresh new meal each time.  I don’t have much of a problem with left overs, except when it comes to meat. I just hate the thought of eating meat after its been sitting in the fridge for a day or two. But, since I am not eating any meat, I haven’t had any leftover issues.  

Breakfast was pretty simple because I didn’t have a lot of time to make anything to extensive this morning.  So I decided to revisit my old friend the kale smoothie. Just a quick side note on the almond milk. A friend of mine had mentioned to me that she tried the vanilla almond milk and it was really sweet.  Yes, the flavored almond milks do have added sugar in them, and I agree, this almond milk was really sweet.  We normally get the plain almond milk, which tastes just as good, and doesn’t contain that much sugar.  
Breakfast consisted of:

1. Smoothie
2. Apple (Yay, for fresh fruit!)

Ingredients in the smoothie:

– Fresh Strawberries
– Frozen Blueberries
– Kale
– Almond Milk (refer to picture from DAY 9-Breakfast)
– Coconut Ice Cream
– Ice

This ice cream is so yummy, and I only used a tiny bit in this smoothie to thicken it up a little, since it does have a lot of sugar in it.  Vanilla is my favorite flavor from this brand of coconut ice cream, but I have yet to try every one!

For lunch I decided to make something fresh instead of eating leftovers, because I knew that I was going to have some for dinner.  I also made extra so I would have it for the next few days and wouldn’t have to cook so much. 
Lunch consisted of:

1. Miso Soup
2. Amande Cultured Almond Milk – Peach Flavored (refer to picture from DAY 3-Lunch)
I love eating soup, and miso is so quick and easy to make, and its usually my go to meal during the winter time. Its also great, because I can add tons of veggies to the broth when I have time to slice them all up! 
Ingredients in the Miso Soup:

– Miso Paste
– Sprouted Tofu
– White Button Mushrooms
– Green Onion
– Water

Miso does in fact have a lot of sodium in it; however, I recently read that miso does not affect our body the same way that other high sodium foods do. So if you are watching your salt intake, don’t be alarmed by the amount of sodium contained in the miso paste. I read about this at www.whfoods.com, but here is a paragraph from the website stating some interesting facts on some new findings about miso.

“Miso is typically considered to be a high-sodium food, since one teaspoon of miso often contains 200-300 milligrams of sodium. However, recent research has shown that in spite of its high-sodium content, miso does not appear to affect our cardiovascular system in the way that other high-sodium foods sometimes can. In recent animal studies, for example, identical concentrations of salt (sodium chloride) obtained from miso versus table salt were discovered to have very different impacts on blood pressure. High-salt diets that derived their high salt level from table salt raised blood pressure in these animal studies, but high-salt diets that derived their high salt from miso did not. Recent human studies on miso intake among Japanese adults have also shown that miso-containing diets tend to lower risk of cardiovascular problems, despite the high-salt content of miso. Reasons for this unique relationship between miso and our cardiovascular system are not yet clear. However, some researchers have speculated that the unique soy protein composition of miso (including peptide building-blocks of protein that get formed from soy proteins when the beans are fermented) is one of the key reasons for the cardiovascular support provided by miso. Since miso is seldom eaten alone, other cardio-supportive foods in miso soups and miso stir-fries might also play an important role in these research findings.” – www.whfoods.com

Dinner – 

For dinner I had…you guessed it…leftovers!! 
Dinner consisted of:
1. Veggie Lasagna
2. Orange-Apple Tzimis
–Refer to DAY 9 – Dinner, for pictures.
BUT, for dessert I didn’t have leftovers! I had chocolate!!!!!! I absolutely love this chocolate, and to make it even better, it was dark chocolate, which usually doesn’t contain dairy products (make sure to check the ingredients if you buy it).  I love dark chocolate, and this stuff is not only a really clean product, but they also help support small-scale farmers. Check out the website below to get more information on Equal Exchange Fair Trade Products and their chocolate bars. This chocolate is so good!!!!
Until tomorrow, Happy Eating! 

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