DAY 1: Vegan, Wheat-Free Diet

Hello All,
My name is Lauren Demby, and I am Yonah’s daughter and business partner.  My mother has allowed me to be a “guest writer” on her blog, so that I am able to share with everyone the challenge that I have decided to take on over the next two weeks.  Eating a Vegan, Wheat-Free Diet. Gasp!
You might ask how this challenge came about?  I would like to consider myself a conscious and healthy eater, but I will admit,  I definitely cannot compete with my mother in the realm of healthy eating. She has me beat.  However, growing up I have always been on a pretty healthy food regimen of vegetables, foods that are not processed, and a diet consisting of very little to no meat.  I consider myself extremely lucky that I was raised in a home where my mother took the time to cook every meal mostly from scratch and teach my brother and I how to cook for ourselves, along with learning how to keep up with these healthy eating habits. I guess you can say I have been getting free nutritional counseling all of my life!  Even in college I kept up my healthy ways, and pride myself on my will power to steer clear of the fast foods, and frozen meals that I know college kids have become so accustomed to.
Anyway, the real reason I have decided to go on this strict diet was because several months ago I did an experiment, where I went off of dairy products completely, after a suggestion from my mother, because I couldn’t figure out why my stomach was bothering me.  After being dairy free for two weeks, I ventured to eat some delicious ice cream…and what a HUGE mistake that was. My stomach was screaming at me in pain! From then on I knew that I was Lactose intolerant, because every other dairy product I ate made my stomach turn.  This was awful news, because I am a dairy lover (especially cheese), so it has been a really hard adjustment for me.  After experiencing this Lactose revelation, I definitely felt better, but I knew that it was possible to not just feel better, but to feel great! I have been discussing food and diets with my mother constantly over the past several months (because its our business) and its made me rethink how much food really does affect your body.  So in taking on this 12 day challenge, where I follow one of my mothers nutritional plans, I just hope to be overall a healthier person.  I am not doing this to lose weight, because I don’t need to go on a diet.  I am doing this to feel physically better, and to experience first hand how foods can affect your body.
Spring is also a great time of year to go off of heavier foods such as wheat and dairy, because the grocery stores are now filled with beautiful fruits and vegetables that can be eaten instead.  Passover is also looming in the near distance, and I will not succumb to only eating matzah with every combination of topping on it.  Passover is one of my favorite holidays, minus the everyday matzah pizza diet.  I will have to be creative with my meals, especially since I will not be eating at any restaurants during the holiday.
So come along and follow me on an adventure of healthy eating for a better life!

DAY 1:

Breakfast – 
I woke up this morning and the first thought I had was, “what am I going to have for breakfast now that I can’t eat cereal!”  Thankfully my mom had done some cooking last night and made these pretty awesome veggie patties, and some plain wild rice.  I know, not the typical breakfast, but who says you have to eat sugary cereal, pancakes, or eggs in the morning!
All of the food used in these meals are Organic and mostly from Whole Foods Market.

My breakfast meal consisted of:

1. Veggie Patties
2. Wild Rice Salad
3. Fruit Smoothie

The ingredients for the veggies patties:

– Almond Milk Pulp
– Quinoa Flour
– Celery
– Carrot
– Scallion
– Salt
The ingredients in the Wild Rice:
– Celery
– Carrot
– Tomato
– Scallion
– Salt + Pepper

I also made a yummy fruit smoothy with:
– Bannans
– Strawberries
– Apples
– SO Delicious Coconut Water Mango Sorbet
– Coconut Milk
– Ice

Yes, there was kale in that smoothie, and I couldn’t even taste it! Great way to get your veggies in!
Lunch – 
When I ventured into the kitchen for lunch, my mom was already preparing some food, so I was able to mooch off of her cooking and have a meal.
The main course consisted of:
1. Fresh Steamed Broccoli
2. Avocado (mashed with salt and pepper)
3. Heirloom Tomato Salad
I know what you are thinking. That is all?! I thought the exact same thing and I didn’t think there was going to be enough food for me to eat, and that I would still be hungry after lunch.  To my surprise, I was indeed satisfied.
The ingredients in the Heirloom Tomato Salad:
– Heirloom Tomato
– Cucumber
– Red Pepper
– Scallion
– Cilantro
– Lemon Juice
– Salt + Pepper

Snack – 
A few hours later, I started to get hungry again so….


1. Pear
2. Home-made Kettle Popcorn

Yes we do have our own Kennel Popcorn maker at home!
Ingredients in the Kettle Popcorn:

– Popcorn Kernels
– Olive Oil
– Simply Organic Citrus Peel Seasoning (Sesame Seeds, Orange Peel, Lemon Peel, Garlic, Onion, Parsley, Coriander, Fennel Seeds)

Dinner – 

Dinner was very light but filling. They say your lightest meal of the day should be dinner, so you don’t go to bed completely stuffed and bloated, not allowing your food time to digest.


1. Butter Beans and veggies
2. Freshly steamed Asparagus
3. Home-made Hummus

Ingredients for the Butter Beans and veggies:

– 1 Can of Eden Butter Beans without salt
– Tomato
– Zucchini
– Onion
– Garlic
– Black Olives
– Heart of Palm
– Mushroom
– Salt + Pepper

Ingredients for the Hummus:

– Garbanzo Beans
– Tahini
– Garlic
– Lemon Juice
– Parsley
– Cumin
– Salt + Pepper

I would love to hear any comments you may have about my blog, and I welcome any questions! You can take the 12 day challenge and follow along with me through my step-by-step meal plan.  Every meal plan that my mother designs is different and based on individual needs.  I discussed with my mother what specific foods I was lacking in my current diet and she has helped me decide what to eat for each meal.

Happy Eating!

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