Conscious Eating

How can people eat food from farms that behave in this manner?

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How can someone eat an animal that is treated this way? Do they not think about the saying “We are what we eat?” If an animal is treated this way and someone eats it then what happens to them spiritually and physically?

When you buy food like this then you continue to support the industry so they can stay in business and behave this way. These are animals with feelings and they deserve better. If you had to take care of an animal, develop compassion for an animal then would you be able to kill the animal, clean it for the preparation to eat it and then eat the animal? If you can not then why would you expect someone else to do that for you so you can then unconsciously eat the animal.

It is sad because it does damage to a soul to eat food from a source like this.  If you are not eating consciously and are unaware of what you are taking into your body then you will have the effects on you spiritually and physically from choosing food that is unconsciously prepared and you will be making a direct contribution to the unconscionable treatment of animals.

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