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Undon noodles with tofu and vegetables

Green beans

Whole wheat pasta, sauce, vegetables

Organic whole wheat pasta, sauce:  organic roasted red tomatoes, organic garlic, organic red onion, organic fresh herbs: rosemary, thyme, sage, zucchini.  Organic spinach and kale, organic broccoli sprouts.  Edamame with sea salt.  Organic sprouted rye bread topped with follow your heart jalapeño cheese.

Cabbage salad, kiwi, mango, walnut pate

Walnut pate

Stir Fry: Tempeh, tofu, vegetables, black rice, etc..,

Tofu, green salad and carrot salad

Split pea soup

Making homemade soups is worth the effort it takes to make them. Here is a recipe I made this week for split pea soup: split peas, fresh oregano and rosemary (grown in our herb garden), herbs de provence, fresh garlic, carrots, tomatoes, bok choy (from Three Sisters Farm https://www.threesistersfarm.com), celery, button mushrooms, olive oil, himalayan …Continue reading

Guns? Is this the issue or is there a bigger issue that we are not seeing?

Guns?  Is this the issue or is there a bigger issue that we are not seeing?  For several months I have been volunteering my time to deal with an issue in our neighborhood of cars speeding in our residential community which also has an elementary school.  For many years people in the neighborhood have been …Continue reading

Salad, eggplant, vegetables and eziekiel bread

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