December, 2015

Potato and garbanzo beans

White potatoes, garbanzo beans, mixed greens, olive oil, cayenne pepper, and himalaya salt. Avocado. Cilantro. Raw Turnip. Pear. Turnips have Vitamin C, A, K, folate and calcium. Cayenne pepper has Vitamin A, E, C, K, B6, manganese, is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and stimulates the circulatory system.  www.yonah.info

Quinoa, lentils and raw vegetables

Sprouted quinoa and water. Red lentils with coconut oil, curry powder, garlic, red onions, water and himalaya salt. Broccoli. Avocado. Paprika. Mixed greens, tomatoes, carrots, turnips, cucumbers, tahini with lemon juice, garlic, himalaya salt and water. Quinoa is anti-inflammatory, has vitamin E, folate, zinc, phosphorous, is antioxidant and lowers total cholesterol. www.yonah.info

Miso vegetable soup

Miso, edamame, carrots, green peas, corn, green beans, mushrooms, tat soi, chard, kale, zucchini, broccoli, potatoe, garlic, red onion, sesame seed oil, himalaya salt, water and paprika. Garbanzo beans flour, herbs de provence, water, himalaya salt and olive oil. Cilantro. Miso is anticancer and digestive benefits. www.yonah.info

Roasted Cashews

Roasted cashews with sesame seed oil, namashoya. Sesame seed oil improves hair & skin health, manage anxiety & depression, lowers inflammation. www.yonah.info

Sprouted lentils and sweet potatoes

Sprouted lentils, garlic, crushed red peppers, olive oil and himalaya salt.  Sweet potatoes.  Tatsoi greens.  Curry powder.  Cashews roasted with Namashoya and sesame seed oil.  Sweet potatoes are antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and blood sugar regulations.  www.yonah.info

Pasta with veggies

Quinoa, amaranth, corn, brown rice pasta. Tomato sauce, broccoli, zucchini, garlic, himalaya salt and pine nuts. Garlic is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, antiviral and anti-cancer.  www.yonah.info

Pizza & salad

Pizza crust is All purpose flour, yeast, himalaya salt, olive oil and water. Orange peppers, portobello mushrooms, kale, red onions, tomato sauce and italian seasoning. Mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, tahini with lemon juice, garlic, water and himalaya salt. Portobello mushrooms are anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-cancer, rich in minerals and b-vitamins and have fiber. www.yonah.info